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This is the site of historical fiction works about Queen Anne Boleyn of England (1501/1507? - 1536). Author Raven A. Nuckols brings a fascinating spin to a new retelling of the fate of the tragic Queen. The book and its sequel are written as non-fiction autobiographies of the late Queen Anne. This format is entirely new in the world of Tudor history, providing a fascinating glimpse of what "might have been" had certain events occurred differently. What makes this work extraordinary is the supposition that these alternative events did occur and allow the reader to follow a hypothetical journey of one author's take of how the Queen might have kept her head. 

This book evaluates the history of how different England might have been had factors leading up to her execution not occurred. Would Anne have continued her passion for religious reform? Would she have given Henry the longed for heir? What would become of Elizabeth? All these and more are answered. 

To learn more about Anne, her astonishing rise to Queen and her tragic fate, please see the 'About Anne' tab for more information. 

An Alternative History of Anne Boleyn by Raven A. Nuckols